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Buddha Dhamma

IconBuddha Dhamma
IconUser’s Guide to Pure Dhamma Website
IconWhat is Buddha Dhamma?
IconFoundation of Dhamma
IconThe Importance of Purifying the Mind
IconThe Grand Unified Theory of Dhammā – Introduction
IconOur Two Worlds: Material and Immaterial
Icon31 Realms Associated with the Earth
IconGandhabba – Only in Human and Animal Realms
IconBody Types in 31 Realms – Importance of Manomaya Kāya
IconGandhabba Sensing the World – With and Without a Physical Body
IconNibbāna in the Big Picture
IconBuddha Dhamma: Non-Perceivability and Self-Consistency
IconSaṃsāric Time Scale, Buddhist Cosmology, and the Big Bang Theory
IconEvidence for Rebirth
IconDifference Between Jhāna and Stages of Nibbāna
IconAre There Procedures for Attaining Magga Phala, Jhāna and Abhiññā?
IconTransfer of Merits (Pattidāna) – How Does it Happen?
IconFirst Noble Truth is Suffering? Myths about Suffering
IconVinaya – The Nature Likes to be in Equilibrium
IconWhat is “Saŋ”? Meaning of Saŋsāra (or Saṃsāra)
IconSaṅkhāra – Life is a Bundle of Saṅkhāra
IconNibbāna – Is it Difficult to Understand?
IconWhat Are Rūpa? (Relation to Nibbāna)
IconDoes the First Noble Truth Describe only Suffering?
IconNirodha and Vaya – Two Different Concepts
IconNibbāna “Exists”, but Not in This World
IconAnicca, Dukkha, Anatta – Wrong Interpretations
IconAnatta and Dukkha – True Meanings
IconAnicca, Dukkha, Anatta – According to Some Key Suttas
IconAnicca – True Meaning
IconAnicca – Worthlessness of Worldly Things
IconHow to Cultivate the Anicca Saññā
IconIf Everything is Anicca Should We Just give up Everything?
IconDasa Akusala and Anatta – The Critical Link
IconWhy are Tilakkhana not Included in 37 Factors of Enlightenment?
IconTwo Versions of 37 Factors of Enlightenment
IconGati and Bhava – Many Varieties
IconGati to Bhava to Jāti – Ours to Control
IconKama Taṇhā, Bhava Taṇhā, Vibhava Taṇhā
IconWhat is Avijjā (Ignorance)?
IconIndriya and Āyatana – Big Difference
IconHetu-Phala, Paccuppanna, and Paṭicca Samuppāda
IconDiṭṭhi (Wrong Views), Sammā Diṭṭhi (Good/Correct Views)
IconCorrect Meaning of Vacī Saṅkhāra
IconViññāṇa (Defiled Consciousness)
IconRūpa (Material Form)
IconPañcakkhandha or Five Aggregates – A Misinterpreted Concept
IconLiving Dhamma
IconLiving Dhamma – Introduction
IconHow to Taste Nibbāna
IconVedanā (Feelings) Arise in Two Ways
IconDifference Between Dhammā and Saṅkhāra


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Gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts

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Sabba dānan Dhamma dānan jināti

Sabba rathin Dhamma rathin jināti

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Taste of Dhamma excels all other tastes (pleasures)

The key is to figure out “mindful of what?”.