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Sotāpanna Stage – Previous Posts

November 29, 2023

The following posts on the Sotāpanna stage have been published over the years since the website was launched in 2014.


oThe Sotāpanna Stage

oWhy a Sotāpanna is Better off than any King, Emperor, or a Billionaire

oMyths about the Sotāpanna Stage

oAnuloma Paṭiloma Paṭicca Samuppāda – Key to Sotāpanna Stage

oSotāpanna Anugāmi and a Sotāpanna

oSotāpanna Anugāmi – No More Births in the Apāyā

oFour Conditions for Attaining Sotāpanna Magga/Phala

oSotāpatti Aṅga – The Four Qualities of a Sotāpanna

oSammā Diṭṭhi – Realization, Not Memorization

oHow Does One Know whether the Sotāpanna Stage is Reached?

oAssāda, Ādīnava, Nissaraṇa

Assāda, Ādīnava, Nissaraṇa – Introduction

How Perceived Pleasures (Assāda) lead to Dukkha

Vedanā (Feelings) Arise in Two Ways

Feelings: Sukha, Dukha, Somanassa, and Domanassa

What is “Kāma”? It is not Just Sex

Kāma Assāda Start with Phassa Paccaya Vedanā or Samphassa Jā Vedanā

oSakkāya Diṭṭhi – “Seeing the Unfruitful Nature of the World”

oAkusala Citta – How Does a Sotāpanna Avoids Apāyagāmi Citta

oWhat is the only Akusala Removed by a Sotāpanna?

oUdayavaya Ñāṇa

Udayavaya (Udayabbaya) Ñāṇa – Introduction

Nibbatti Lakkhana in Udayavaya Ñāṇa

Āhāra (Food) in Udayavaya Ñāṇa

Udayavaya Ñāṇa – Importance of the Cittaja Kāya


Topics belonging to other section:

oMicchā Diṭṭhi, Gandhabba, and Sotāpanna Stage – (in the “Mental Body – Gandhabba” section).

o12. Key Factors to be Considered when “Meditating” for the Sotāpanna Stage (in the “Bhāvanā (Meditation)” section).

Also, see the following posts in the Abhidhamma section for more details (these could be helpful even if you have not studied Abhidhamma):

oWhy do People Enjoy Immoral Deeds? – Diṭṭhi is Key

oKey to Sotāpanna Stage – Diṭṭhi and Vicikicchā