Mental Body – Gandhabba

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Mental Body – Gandhabba

February 11, 2017

oOur Mental Body – Gandhabba

oGandhabba State – Evidence from Tipiṭaka

oAntarabhava and Gandhabba

oĀnantariya Kamma – Connection to Gandhabba

oMental Body (Gandhabba) – Personal Accounts

oAbnormal Births Due to Gandhabba Transformations

oCattāro Āhāra for Mental Body or Gandhabba

oMicchā Diṭṭhi, Gandhabba, and Sotāpanna Stage

oWorking of Kammā – Critical Role of Conditions

Deeper discussions on gandhabba can be found in the Abhidhamma subsection:

oGandhabba (Manomaya Kāya)