Sotāpanna Stage via Understanding Perception (Saññā)

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Sotāpanna Stage via Understanding Perception (Saññā)

November 17, 2023

This section will help an average person get to the Sotāpanna stage. Furthermore, this material is ESSENTIAL for a Sotāpanna to attain the higher stages of Nibbāna.

Background Material:

1. The “hidden pure mind” (pabhassara citta) is explained in the “Recovering the Suffering-Free Pure Mind” series of posts.

2. The anicca, dukkha, and anatta nature could be explained differently based on that approach. See “Does “Anatta” Refer to a “Self”?

3. For an introduction to saññā, see “Saññā – What It Really Means.”


Sotāpanna Stage and Distorted/Defiled Saññā

Pabhassara Citta and Saññā Vipallāsa

Mūlapariyāya Sutta – The Root of All Things

Fooled by Distorted Saññā (Sañjānāti) – Origin of Attachment (Taṇhā)

Kāma Rāga Arises Due to “Distorted Saññā”

Distorted Saññā Arises in Every Adult but Not in a Newborn

Purāṇa and Nava Kamma – Sequence of Kamma Generation

Saññā Nidānā hi Papañca Saṅkhā - Immoral Thoughts Based on ‘Distorted Saññā’

Kalahavivāda Sutta – Origin of Fights and Disputes