Living Dhamma – Fundamentals

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Living Dhamma – Fundamentals

October 27, 2016

oWhat Are Kilesa (Mental Impurities)? – Connection to Cetasika

oSuffering in This Life – Role of Mental Impurities (with Desanā 2)

oSatipaṭṭhāna Sutta – Relevance to Suffering in This Life (with Desanā 3)

oHow Are Gati and Kilesa Incorporated into Thoughts? (with Desanā 4; in two parts)

oNoble Eightfold Path – Role of Sobhana Cetasika

oGetting to Samādhi (with Desanā 5)

oSexual Orientation – Effects of Kamma and Gati (Saṅkhāra)