The Five Aggregates (Pañcakkhandha)

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The Five Aggregates (Pañcakkhandha)

oFive Aggregates – Introduction

oDifference Between Physical Rūpa and Rūpakkhandha

oRūpakkhandha and Rūpa Upādānakkhandha

oArising of Five Aggregates Based on an Ārammaṇa

oMemory Records – Critical Part of Five Aggregates

oPañca Upādānakkhandhā – Introduction

oAlso, see the section on “Concepts of Upādāna and Upādānakkhandha.”

oFive Aggregates – Connection to Tilakkhaṇa

Five Aggregates and Tilakkhaṇa – Introduction

Icca, Nicca, Anicca – Important Connections

“Me” and “Mine” – The Root Cause of Suffering

Difference Between “Me and Mine” and Sakkāya Diṭṭhi

Sakkāya Diṭṭhi – “Me and Mine” View

Atta – Two Very Different Meanings

The following provides a sample of posts on rūpa, vedanā, saññā, saṅkhāra, viññāṇa:

Rūpa: “What Are Rūpa? (Relation to Nibbāna),” “Rūpa (Material Form )” and “The Origin of Matter – Suddhaṭṭhaka

Vedanā: “Vedanā (Feelings) Arise in Two Ways,Vedanā and Samphassa-Jā-Vedanā – More Than Just Feelings,” and “Vipāka Vedanā and “Samphassa jā Vedanā” in a Sensory Event.”

Saññā: “Saññā – What It Really Means,” and “Vipallāsa (Diṭṭhi, Saññā, Citta) Affect Saṅkhāra.”

Saṅkhāra: “Saṅkhāra – What It Really Means” and “Saṅkhāra, Kamma, Kamma Bīja, Kamma Vipāka.”

Viññāṇa: “Viññāṇa (Defiled Consciousness)” and “Viññāṇa – What It Really Means” “Kamma Viññāṇa – Link Between Mind and Matter,” “Anidassana Viññāṇa – What It Really Means.”

oSaññā (Perception)

oVedanā (Feelings)


Different Approach:

Paṭicca Samuppāda During a Lifetime

Other Analyses:

Where Are Memories Stored? – Viññāṇa Dhātu

Pancakkhandha or Five Aggregates – A Misinterpreted Concept

Pancupādānakkhandha – It is All Mental

Nāma & Rūpa to Nāmarūpa